The Bahamas

admin May 16, 2017

The Inheritance begins in the Bahamas with the main character, Jerry, working as croupier in Nassau. He doesn’t particularly like his job though the pay is good, but by no means was it good enough to get him anywhere near his aspirations.

He and his mate, Richard, discuss their prospects, which don’t look good. Then a stroke of luck turns up in the form of an Egyptian who has a pro . . .

More Odds and Ends

admin April 25, 2017

The way of life I knew as a kid in Cairo, Egypt, is now quite dead, though traces may still remain in parts of India. For instance, the Sporting Club, where our family were members, had the following facilities: three swimming pools; one good restaurant and two places where you could get snacks; about ten tennis courts, six squash courts, four or five playing fields (for soccer, cricket, hocke . . .

The Three Bad Men

admin April 20, 2017

(Inspired from an occurrence in Cairo.)

Everybody in the small town of C—— took great pride in their beautiful little opera house, for they loved opera. There were many amateur starlets in the little town but none with any real talent, so it was an important and happy occasion when famous stars from the great cities around the world came and sung at th . . .

Odds and Ends

admin January 10, 2017

Cairo, 1978. At last I was able to withdraw my own money from the bank. I had E£2,000 on me, and I knew I had to spend it all before I left the country. I decided I’d spend some of it on presents—things reminiscent of Egypt. I went into a store that looked promising. I picked something up and asked the price. Two men were chatting in Arabic, and they looked at each other.

“How much s . . .

The Bank Clerk

admin January 3, 2017

1978. My English lawyer informed me that if I go to Egypt, I’ll be allowed to withdraw E£2,000 from my account there. This,he confirmed, was corroborated by the firm’s representative in Cairo.

So, I got myself a ticket and flew to Egypt.

The day after I arrived, I went to my bank. I don’t remember whether I had an appointment or not. Anyway, I didn’t have to wait and was immedia . . .

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